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Choosing Investments is Just a Small Piece in the Overall Puzzle!

Choosing Investments is Just a Small Piece in the Overall Puzzle!

Taxes & Investments must work together. If you don’t have an eye on each – what could you be missing?

The following services must be all-inclusive to eliminate any holes in your overall outlook.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, it is my duty to work with my clients as a fiduciary in a comprehensive manner.

Retirement Services

Retirement Income

We work with our clients to build a custom plan to help maximize income in retirement.

Not just how much to draw from accounts; but which accounts to draw from and at which time.

This includes a gap analysis to determine how much you'll need each year from your investments.

Cashflow is the heartbeat of retirement, and it's illustrated through income planning

Tax Planning

Tax planning is not just for the extremely wealthy.

Taxes typically represent the single biggest annual expense for most Americans.

We work hard to make sure you don't over pay the IRS and waste your hard earned savings.

Rather than focus on cutting back the things we love in retirement; is there a way to cut back this massive expense that brings us no joy?

This will include annual income tax return reviews and follow up strategies.

Investment Management

Many people attempt to run before crawling when it comes to discussing retirement plans - investment management can be focused on too early.

However, it is obviously of critical importance to choose smart, efficient investment vehicles.

We place an emphasis on maximizing efficiency, keeping costs in check, and total outcomes.

These three keys are the most vital. With total outcomes obviously being the number one priority for us and our clients - there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Social Security Optimization

We use the tools available to us to help our clients identify, decode, and choose the best time to start Social Security.

Realizing that no one will ever know the absolute correct time to start receiving their benefits, we help clients understand their options.

Our tools allow us to create projections based on what we know to be true and some hypotheticals - like life expectancy.

This is a major income source for many; and with that being the case it is imperative that careful planning goes into getting the most out of it.

Insurance Evaluation

We use our team of specialists to evaluate old policies and determine if they're still needed.

We also offer life and long term care insurance to clients who have a need and desire for either solution.

These solutions can benefit both the client and/or the client's family depending on the application.

There is never a feeling of being forced to buy insurance; often we work to see if the premiums clients pay on old policies are still worth it - or should just be dropped.

Financial Coaching

Much of the value provided simply cannot be lumped into generic categories.

Large financial questions like, "Should I sell my home and rent?" Are usually much better to tackle with an unbiased third party.

This also includes common events like help with buying a new car, purchasing a second home, selling a second home, or planning for a large vacation.

Unfortunately, this does involve negative life events as well like helping family sort out questions after a loss.

The choice of involvement is yours. But as a client you always have the benefit of an unbiased sounding board.

As a Retirement Planning Specialist, I Work Best With a Very Specific Set of Clients:

Age 55 & Up

Especially those who are retired or would like to retire in some capacity within 5 years.

$750,000 +

Hard-working savers who have acquired investments valued over $750,000 through years of work.


People who are looking to hire a professional they can trust. They value and follow knowledgeable, unbiased advice.

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